07 August 2009

Out of Town Job Interviews

I had 2 out of town job interviews last week.  Job interviews are hard work.  I found places to stay with family to cut down on costs.  I budgeted for food and gas.  My first interview was in Medford, OR with Providence Medford Medical Center.  The interview was Wednesday morning.  I met with the manager and the team i’d be working with.  Having worked there before i knew everyone in the department that i did not interview with.  I went and grabbed some breakfast after the interview in the hospital cafeteria and was joined by Robert who i had worked with before.  The interview went well.  I even accounted for the fact that i’d get no new applications completed on that day.

Thursday was another interview.  This one was with the North Central Education Service District located in Condon, OR.  This is a small town of just under 1000 people.  I planned such that i’d be able to interview and make it back home the same day.  Getting to town i realized this was not somewhere i wanted to live.  You can only learn so much about a place online.  Knowing i did not want to live there i still did the interview.  Practice is always a good thing.  Even knowing i would turn the job down i did not account for one thing.  Waiting to hear back.  I accomplished very little in the time i was waiting for an answer.  I heard back this morning.  Maybe now i can be productive again.

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