31 March 2009

An Introduction

Money is hard work. Having money is hard work. Being broke is hard work. Saving is hard work. Making budgets is hard work. Financial planning is hard work. Finding a job is hard work. Making money is hard work. Everything about money is hard work. Spending money can even be hard work. I like money. I like spending money. I like enjoying what i've spent money on. Money does not always like me. I am currently undertaking some of the hardest money challenges almost anyone ever makes. Being unemployed and paying down debt.

I have not always been the best at managing money. I have made plenty of mistakes. I have also made some smart money decisions. I do some money planning. Now that i am married i have someone to help me with money. We can make the same mistakes we have in the past or we can continue on the path of financial prosperity. We are on that path now. We are not yet to our destination. Hopefully following my journey will help you find your path the financial prosperity. I get advice from Dave Ramsey. I get advice from other blogs (perhaps some will guest post here one day). Each has it's own plan. My wife and I have taken all those and developed one that we feel will work for us. It is working for us. If someone learns from our mistakes and grows from it i will consider this blog a success.