10 August 2009

$50 a Month Plus Free HBO

My in-laws finally called the cable company to try to save some money.  I have suggested this a number of times.  Without knowing how much they were paying i was still confident they could save money.  They signed up for the Comcast Triple Play and saved money over their current bill.  They currently had local phone service from Qwest and had cable and internet from Comcast.  The Triple Play package moved phone to their Comcast Bill.  The promotion also included free HBO for a year.  This left a larger cable package and a smaller bill.  As you likely guessed they saved $50 total.

If you are interested in lowering your cable bill there are some things you can do.

  • Identify what specials cable and satellite companies are running so you know where you can negotiate.
  • Call your provider and ask what specials they can give you.  Some companies have packages and specials for current customers.
  • Tell your provider that you can sign up with their competitor for the best deal you have found.  Ask them to match the deal.
  • If they can’t or won’t match the deal tell them you want to cancel.  You will usually get transferred to someone that can make you a better deal.
  • Most cable or satellite providers have 2 layers of management for those who want to cancel.
  • If your current provider won’t try to work out a deal then jump ship.  You will be much better off.

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