12 April 2009

Vacation Woes

Last week was Spring Break. Since i am looking for new employment and my wife works at a school we made plans to take a vacation to California. We figured out a budget and did what i always do on vacation. We did not look at our budget once during our trip. We did anything we wanted to do on the trip and did not worry about costs. We stayed with family so we did not have hotel costs and this reduced our food costs. But these things were budgeted for. Weather interfered with our plans to go to Yosemite so that was added back into our budget. We spent more when we went out to eat. We tried to do activities that were mostly free so almost the entire budget was traveling and food.

Today was the day or reconciling what was spent with the budget. We planned a budget of $400 dollars. We ate at Sonic and In-N-Out since we do not have those near home. We did less traveling than planned (since Yosemite had snow we cut it out). We went to more LDS Temples than planned (free). We used cash part of the time and did not track exact amounts off cash. Food $175 + Gas $150 + Other $50 = $375. $25 under budget. But only because some plans fell through.

This time we were on budget but suggestions would help us stay on budget better next time?

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