20 April 2009

Finding a job is Hard Work

I am not a victim of the current economy. I lost my job 9 months ago. I have not been able to find new employment in my previous field of employ of the field i have the most experience with. I progressively branch out my job search. To begin i was looking in one or two locations. I told everyone that i was looking for a new job. Since my wife is working i have been doing odd jobs and looking for something in my preferred field. Finding a job is harder work than having a job has ever been. Despite having applied for over 50 jobs in 6 states this month i have not managed a single interview. My one interview this afternoon is from a position i applied for last month. I follow up best as i can.

But i am not a victim of the current economy. I refuse to let myself be a victim. To me a victim is to be helpless in a current situation. I have options available to me. Many others that consider themselves victims are also not victims. They have options. There are places such as Labor Ready or other daily labor positions Anyone that can legally work in the US can work for these positions. I and most of these people could work fast food. Almost anyone with access to a car can get a job delivering pizza. Being unemployed is not being a victim. We are also still making headway in paying off debt. We spend as little as possible. We look for deals and savings on those things we do spend money on. We will get by for now.

This is not a long term solution. I don't like being unemployed. Being the homemaker is nice. It has given me more respect for those that do this. It is not for me in the long term. With plans to grow our family with children we decided that i would be the bread winner and Mary Jo will be the homemaker. She wants to do this. I want to be able to provide for my family so she will not have to work outside the home. Being a stay at home mother is likely harder work than any job she would have outside the home.

For anyone interested in my resume. I do DJ gigs and am looking for a position in one of two fields. With a degree in Scouting Education (non-profit business administration) i am looking for a position in non-profit management. With a Information Technology background with 10 years over of experience i am looking for a position as a Server / Network Administrator. I am looking to stay in the Western United States in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, or Idaho. If you have a potential lead you want to share use the contact me links from my resume.

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