10 July 2009

Financial Peace Revisited

My most recent book i’ve read is Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey.  In this book Dave gives you Peace Puppies.  Things such as plant seeds and handle credit report corrections yourself.  This book is an updated version of Financial Peace and adds a couple of chapters.  I’ve never read Financial Peace for the same reason college classes use the newer versions of textbooks; updated information.

Having started my own financial plan and listened to The Dave Ramsey show nothing in this book was all that new to me.  I’d describe this as the back story and build up to his baby steps.  The book was designed to be uplifting and give you a sense that you can have financial peace.  It does i good job of doing so.  It does not, nor was it designed to, go in-depth into his baby steps.  Having not read it my guess is that is what The Total Money Makeover is.

Each chapter ends with Dave’s wife Sharon giving her two cents.  This is followed by the Peace Puppies.  I’d have liked the key points to be highlighted separately. Dave lists all the Peace Puppies you’ve gone through every chapter.  I’d like just the new ones and all of them listed just at the end.

What did you think of this book.  Share in the comments.

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